14 April 1996

Arabian Purebred

Father: Drug (Prizrak x Karinka by Aswan)

Mother: Vesna (By Aswan)

Voltrack is a Tersk Arabian. He was bred in The Netherlands out of two real Tersk Arabians. Tersk Arabians are Russian Arabians, from the Tersk stud in Piatygorsk.

We've had Voltrack since he was almost 4. We made almost immediately an appointment to have him castrated, because he was really wild and dangerous. He was an ex-racehorse. He was drawn back because he was not fast enough. And we were not really experienced with stallions. So it was a good plan to castrate him.
Now he is a little baby, so sweet and so easy going! He is a little bit arrogant, but he has the right to be so. Because he have walked more than thousand competition kilometers and he is NEVER taken out commanded by the veterinarians. For his total competition record:
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Voltrack is a purebred Arabian, we wanted a good endurance horse. But purebreds were normally not very tall, Voltrack was already 1.60 meter and still growing. they have, in comparison to other breeds,  bigger lung volume.

Voltrack's good moves, the white on his legs is some clay, for cooling after  heavy work.

Voltrack was a big bully, you couldn't do much with him. He broke out of the paddock after we had him two weeks, the other horses had never even tried to open the gate!
My father fallen oft him, and hit the gate. After half a year it went much better. Laudine dressaged him. And we took him to a Endurance competition, not to ride but to teach him how to deal with the veterinarian checks. Our, at the time 4 year old, time bomb, behaved  really well.

That year he rode in the lowest grade, grade I (up to 40 km). The year after that, when he was 5 years old, he also rode some grade II (up to 80km) competitions. He learned fast and he understood the competitions really well. He also became to like it. His heart rates were getting lower, slowly he went to get a steady state. (That's a tempo that you can walk for a long time, for everybody its different, he wanted to canter.)  In that year (2001) I rode my first competition, I was eleven years old then.

I was extremely nervous, the competition was on the beach, at Katwijk. The competitions before that I always groomed my father and sister (Laudine), that's really important, because Endurance is a real team sport. Now it was my turn to ride a competition with my father. We started well, the horses walked good and it was nice weather.
My competition shirt was a little too big. You have to wear one if you participate the competition, your starting number is on it. That was a little bit irritating.
At the checkpoint (a place in the middle of a grade I competition) they rate your horses heart rate and breathing. Voltrack had a very good heart rate, very low. Finally we finished fifth.

Voltrack running.

The next (competition) season I have started more competitions with Voltrack. Two times grade I and after that I could start grade II with Voltrack. So my father and I would ride a grade II competition... In the middle of that competition in the vetgate Hercules, my father's horse, was lame with his right hind leg. Because I was not allowed to ride alone and there were no other riders who couldn't or wanted to take me with them, I had to stop as well...

We discovered that Hercules had something very bad with his leg that couldn't heal, so thirteen days after the competition (June 7 2003) we brought Hercules away. Hercules was 13 years and one month old.

In August I could ride a grade II competition in accompaniment of a couple of other riders. I rode 54 km, but we took a wrong turn. So we nearly rode 10km extra. But we rode the last track very fast to finish in time. We did, so I finished my first grade II competition!

Voltrack is a very experienced endurance horse. He always has very low hart rates and he doesn't think the competitions are exciting. It's just some nice game, a ride with a lot of horses.

In the season of 2003 Voltrack rode with Patent, the new horse that we bought to replace of Hercules. First we qualified Patent for grade III . We rode one grade I, to quick-promote Patent to grade II. Then we rode three grade II competitions. In September we would ride our first grade III... But Patent had stumbled and was lame. So Voltrack had to go alone with my father. I groomed with my mother and Laudine stayed behind with Patent at home. Voltrack walked almost the whole competition together with another horse. But 5 km before the finish that horse was too tired to canter together with Voltrack, my father saw after one kilometer or so that the horse wasn't behind him anymore.
Voltrack finished on the 7th place, very well done!

The season of 2004 was really Voltrack's season. I started with him in March in Kootwijkerbroek 70 km. We finished well.
My father rode 4 April in Austerlitz 52 km with him.
And then Voltrack became unique. On 17 April 2004 Voltrack reached the 1000 well finished Competition kilometers and he is, untill today, never taken out of the competition on command of a veterinarian. He had to stop twice, one because of Hercules and the other because we doubted about Patent's health. (more info:

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