Welcome to my site!
This site is under construction, the dutch part of my site is more what I would call 'ready'. Just surf the dutch part as well to get an impression and view some more pictures (because this part is not totally up to date (in pictures and stuff)).
This site is about our horses and the sport I ride with them, endurance, if you want to know what it is, click on the word 'endurance'. I`m 15 years old and I want to try to be the youngest in the Netherlands that has finished a 160 kilometers race, that's the top of endurance.

My father and I, warming up before the competition Kootwijkerbroek August 2004

I hope you will enjoy my site! And if you find a typing errors or something like that, please mail me! The most of the pictures are very small, just click on them to enlarge them.



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