We have had horses since 1994 , first we have had Dutch warm blood horses. On this moment we have  two (Russian) Arabians. 

Voltrack (Drug x Vesna by Aswan) is born in 1996. Patent (Nikel x Portugalia by Gwizd) is born in 1995 and has a Race history, so maybe you knew him from his old days! Patent is born in Russia, on the Tersk Stud.

Before, we had other horses, all Dutch Warm bloods: we had Jopie (Aram x Sacha by Nassau) from the start. We bought him together with Hamara (Appolonios x Ceramiek by Vanitas) (sold in 1998). After Hamara we bought Hercules (Candyboy x Cilla by Solied) (†died ad 7 June 2002†) That were two horses of the same age, they where born in 1989. Jopie is died in December '03, we have had him for almost nine years

We ride Endurance with our 2 Arabians.

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