You can read Jopie's life story here, unfortunately Jopie isn't with us anymore... He died on 3 December 2003, because he suffered to much from his bad hoof condition (he had a problem with his hoof). So we decided to say goodbye. We had nine wonderful years with this wonderful horse, but it was over. We didn't want to see him suffer anymore.

20 August 1991 - 3 December 2003

Jopie, KWPN (Royal Dutch Warm blood Horse)

Father: Aram (by Nimmerdor)
Mother: Sacha (by Nassau)

Jopie was Laudines horse, we had him since he was 3 years old.
Laudine was immediately totally in love with Jopie, she didn't care that everybody said that he was a wild horse and no good for a girl of 12 years old! At the end, Laudine could almost do everything with Jopie. Jopie was a sweet lovely horse, absolutely the opposite of how he was in the beginning.

Laudine and Jopie in the woods

First Laudine and my father rode Endurance together with Hercules en Jopie. But then Jopie was diagnosed with a serious problem in his 2 front hooves.

That was very sad news because it meant that his career had ended. We have looked for a new competition horse because we were getting addicted to the endurance, what we continued to ride because it was good for Hercules (he had lungproblems). We bought Voltrack.

Do I smell some food?

Jopie was a lovely dressage horse. He couldn't walk Endurance anymore, but he could still do dressage. Laudine rode him just as hobby, (Jopie and) she never competed in to competitions. But it was a lovely time, Jopie already could do a lot of dressage stuff. So I could first 'feel' it on Jopie and then learn it on the other horses.
Jopie was bred for jumping, he was a (half) brother of De Sjiem. De Sjiem was Olympic Jumping Champion in Sydney 2000. Jopie couldn't jump very high anymore because that wasn't too good for his hooves. But a little obstacle was still possible. And he just loved it!

He was a very funny and nice horse and I won't forget him!

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