The most important persons in the competition.

Grooms are very important in this sport. They don't only throw water over the horse. No, they entirely take care of the horse and the rider. They do everything.
That's why the grooms have a special page of their own on my site. The people on the Supporters page do a lot for us, but the grooms are there during the entire competition. They do a lot more than the people on the supporters page.
You can't ride Grade III and IV without grooms, some people can. They are exceptional and usually don't win.

What skills do you need to be a groom?

Not that many things. The most important thing is that you have to see what is necessary. You have to be creative and very enthusiastic. It's also important that a groom can work well with our horses, there has to be a 'click'.

Our grooms, they deserve a place on my site because they do great work!
Here they are:

My mum, our main groom. She take care of all the papers. In the vetgate she supplies the food etcetera. She reminds me to eat, because otherwise I would forget it!

My sister Laudine. When Jopie was still alive she always stayed at home with him. But now she comes with us to competitions and she is a very good groom.

Cynthia is also a very good groom who perfectly knows what she has to do and how the game works. We can't miss her anymore!

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